Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A trip down memory lane

To say DiverseWorks is busy would be an understatement. We are gearing up an action-packed weekend with This Is Displacement, Thank-You Bar, Blackfish and Low Lives. But before all that happens, DiverseWorks would like to take you down memory lane with some highlights from our Gala!

The 2011 Gala was themed Retail Therapy and took place in the food court of the Shops at Houston Center (That’s right a party in a mall!) on Saturday, April 2. Everyone had a great time as the bid on awesome packages, ate wonderful food, drank quenching libations and was entertained by Jane Weiner and Hope Stone’s performance of The Cooking Show and the band Thunderpants.

Just how much fun was it…check out these videos!

DW would like to say thanks to all our underwriters, supporters, vendors, patrons and volunteers who helps us have a successful and fun Gala!

And we hope to see you at our next fundraiser: Luck of the Draw X: Revolution!


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