Friday, February 11, 2011

Exclusive Pop-Out Pendant coming to DW

Hello, my name is Tracey and I'm addicted to jewelry.

Ask anyone here at the DiverseWorks office and they'll tell you I love jewelry. Now maybe not on the same level as Imelda Marcos loves shoes, but it's pretty close. I have tons of necklaces, rings, earrings, etc. And I'm always browsing the Web for more. So when the opportunity arose to work with Texas jewelry designer Melissa Borrell, I jumped at the chance to work with her on creating something awesome for DiverseWorks Artspace. Behold the Pop-Out Jewelry Collection exclusive DiverseWorks pendant! (See above.)

The pendant was inspired by the DW logo and is available in black, red and stainless steel; and will retail for $30, with all the proceeds benefiting DiverseWorks.

This is an exclusive item created by Borrell in collaboration with DW and there will be a limited supply of pendants available at DiverseWorks and very soon.

In fact, you are looking at the first buyer of the pendant. (Now just which color do I want? Or should I just buy one of each!) For more information just contact me (