Friday, December 18, 2009

Let us count the ways...

You can support DiverseWorks! We need your help!

* Donate to the DiverseWorks Annual Fund

It has been a year to remember for DiverseWorks and all our friends and supporters. In 2009, attendance at exhibitions, performing events and co-sponsored programs reached an all-time high; new co-commissioned works went on to New York with critical acclaim; Houston Press recognized Understanding Poverty as “the Best Exhibit” of 2009; and to top it all off, we were voted the Reader’s Choice for best Art Gallery. None of this could have happened without the help and commitment of friends such as you!
Houston continues to support DiverseWorks because it means supporting artists, the creative process and artistic risk-taking. What brings people back is that, guaranteed, each trip to DiverseWorks leaves you with an experience that’s provoking and memorable. But as a non-collecting institution that presents time-based art, all those experiences are ephemeral.
This year, we invite you to claim your space and say, “I was there.” For donations small and large, we’d like to acknowledge how our supporters are part of the very foundation of what we do, and of course, we’d like everyone to have some fun doing it.
Click HERE to donate to the DiverseWorks Annual Fund!

* Volunteer at DiverseWorks
As 2009 comes to a close and we head into another year, I'm sure you're already thinking about what your New Year's resolutions will be for 2010. Well, here at DiverseWorks we just want to remind you that if are planning to give back to community, DW is a great place to fulfill your resolution. Volunteers are the lifeblood of DiverseWorks, and we need your help to make sure we can provide the best programming in Houston. Volunteers help with installing exhibitions, taking tickets at performances, serving drinks, talking to patron about membership, etc.

To learn more about volunteer opportunities, please contact Tracey Morton at or 713-223-8346.

Volunteer Opportunities in January
Friday, Jan. 15, 2010: The New Normal opening reception
Thursday-Saturday, Jan. 21-23, 2010: The Voyeur

*Purchase or Renew your DiverseWorks Membership

Are you thinking there needs to be something in it for me? Well, a DiverseWorks membership is exactly what that can do for you. Help support DiverseWorks with a membership! Available at different levels and different perks, we have something for everybody. From students to underwriters, we want you to be involved! Discounts to merchandise, invitations to exclusive events, free tickets and much much more are available to you with just a click. Okay. clicky clicky away. If your membership needs to be renewed or you have questions about membership, Tracey Morton can take care of all your needs and concerns, just email or give us a call at 713.223.8346.

*Purchase a table or tickets and/or sponsor
the DiverseWorks Gala- Debutantes Run Wild!

What would happened if you took high-society debutant protocol, dashed with Cinderella dreams, and turned it on its big Texas hairdo? A debutant ball done up DiverseWorks style, that's what! Darling debs feel free to abandon those pearls and white dresses (cause prim and proper won't fly here); and join the DW crew as we flaunt our wild side at the greatest fundraising bash of the year -Debutantes Run Wild! (And gents, come in tux and tails, or a gown, because anything goes at a DW Gala). From introductions down a staircase a Southern Belle would fawn over, through the closing drink at the bar, the dancing and partying won't stop until the clock strikes midnight. So practice your bow, text your fairy godmother, and get ready to have a ball and help DiverseWorks raise funds for its programming season! Interested in purchasing a table or sponsoring the event, email Margaret Bott at or Tracey Morton at or give us a call at 713.223.8346

*Purchase tickets to some of our upcoming performances!
Are you a performing arts lover? Need to get your love on? DiverseWorks has 2 great performances coming up in January and February! Get ready for the world premiere of Company Clare Dyson's The Voyeur! DiverseWorks is the only location in the entire country presenting this incredible installation/ dance performance by Australian choreographer of the year, Clare Dyson. Click HERE to learn more about The Voyeur as well as purchase tickets.

Purchase tickets to catch one of the country's most innovative musical groups, So Percussion. Collaborating with filmmaker Jennise Treuting, Brooklyn's So Percussion comes to Houston with Imaginary City, a music performance that captures the sounds and images of several cities emphasizing the uniqueness and commonalities between the various cities- from Treuting's home in Tokyo to the vast skies of Helena, MT; to the mountains of Denver, CO; through the heartland of Cleveland, OH and the New England landscape of Burlington, VT and to the urban jungle of Houston. Click HERE for more information or to purchase tickets to Imaginary City.

*Lend us your props for our next exhibition and performance!
Working for a non-profit, we often face challenges from time to time. Well...our latest challenge is furniture. Our upcoming exhibition The New Normal, requires furniture props as part of the installation. Plus, our performance The Voyeur requires props too!

The New Normal Exhibition Needs
January 4- February 23, 2010 (the length of time we will need these items)
Queen-size bed
desk with chair
some lamps

The Voyeur
Performance Needs
January 15-January 26, 2010 (the length of time we will need these items)
Lounge chair
low stool
tall floor lamp
small desk lamp
small coffee table

If you can lend us these items, please email Jon Read at or call us 713.223.8346

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Wave of Activity is on the up and up

The Season is underway and now the wave of activity rises to fundraising and development. We are working day and night and would love to share this experience with one or two interns/students who are just dying to learn more about this most exciting and expanding professional field. CALL ME!! We’ll get you busy right away.

First on our agenda is the Annual Giving Fund that every non-profit organization wants and needs. This year, DW is offering a special gift to those who contribute. Just imagine walking into our facility and being able to see your name on one of the doors or windows or other place you select with the level of your donation! What is even more fun is to watch your friends grow green with envy when they see your name and know their name is not there. Oh, My! Send in your check – let us place your name for all to see.

Next, mark your calendars for the incomparable art gala – Debutantes Run Wild! What could be more fun than abandoning those pearls and white gowns to flaunt your wild side on Friday, Feb. 19th at The Bell Tower on 34th Street. Woo Hoo!

Get your table of friends together, come on down to DW one evening in January to learn to do the Texas Deep Bow from real debutantes. Then swing out at the gala and show your wild side. Could it be any more fun?! Oh yes, guess it can – artists we are honoring or no other than those wildly talented artist guys Dean Ruck and Dan Havel and one of our fav party girls Artist Molly Gochman!

If you want to know more about DiverseWorks fundraising events, just drop us a message on this blog or call me at (713) 223-8346, ext. 14.

Margaret (DeeDee) Bott
Development Director

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's about time...

Kerry the Intern Evans and Caren Shoup

It's about time...

For more to graduate! Woo-Hoo! And sometimes it felt like this day would never come.

I was actually supposed to graduate this past Spring, but just a few weeks before the end of the semester, I realized that I only needed 3 more classes to get my minor in Psychology. Being so close, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to make it happen. And well, things worked out wonderfully, because had I not stayed an extra semester, I would not have interned at DiverseWorks!

Through my internship here, I discovered that PR is something I'd really like to pursue. I learned that whether I like it or not, social media (I'm talking to you, Twitter!) is a key player in ensuring you get the press and coverage so vital to your organization's success. I've still got a lot to learn, but I know what skills I need to attain or enhance in order to make it in the PR biz.

I'd like to say thank you to Shawna for taking me under her wing and for just being a really funny and cool lady. And of course thank you to the entire DiverseWorks staff ---this is truly a wonderful organization, and my experience here was both educational and rewarding!

-Kerry the Intern