Friday, May 27, 2011

It is Luck of the Draw


I’m a somewhat lucky girl married to a very lucky guy. So lucky is my guy, that over the years we have developed a stellar collection of art straight from the Luck of the Draw summer auction at DiverseWorks. I’m lucky to be the public relations consultant for DiverseWorks, so husband Tommy is the art scout and stalker. I work the event. He scores the art.

Here are the artful results:

Early on, somehow this beautiful Christopher French piece was left on the gallery wall when the auctioneer randomly called our number. It lives in our family room and is appreciated daily.

Tommy got crazy lucky one year and scored two works by our good friend David McGee.

Both of these elegant pencil drawings, acquired in different years, balance each other on separate walls in the same room. I love them both.

Last year I went BIG. I saw this Ryan Geiger work in the Blind Auction and had to bid on it. This time I got lucky. I look at this beautiful painting every morning as I sip my coffee.

So when I look around my house I remember the crazy parties, the tense atmosphere and the joy of securing a piece of art that you were desperately hoping no one else got before you.

It is the Luck of the Draw – random, frustrating and fun.

See you at DiverseWorks on June 22, 6:30 p.m. But please leave Tommy alone – he’s got work to do – for us.

-Susan Schmaeling

Art works from top to bottom:

Top-Christopher French

Middle-David McGee

Bottom-Ryan Geiger