Tuesday, June 14, 2011



We stand here today at a time when the quality of art on our walls is at its lowest.

We have been convinced our walls cannot be adorned with good art by original artists. We have been led to believe original art is only the hobby of the rich and powerful. We have been forced to settle for the likes of Thomas Kinkade and the ubiquitous liquor bottle prints of Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Do we really want THIS hanging on our walls?


Do we want our walls to be homages to our love of wine?



I refuse to accept these ideals anymore, and I ask you today to join me and my co-conspirator Karen Niemeier, as we take back our walls from the oppression of the Declasse!

Join us Wednesday, June 22 at DiverseWorks, the ground zero of great art appreciation in Houston for Luck of the Draw X: REVOLUTION! #LOTDX

Art will be made available to dedicated rebels who join the cause for the low cost of $125. As your dedicated leaders, Karen and I will carefully choose each of you to choose a new piece of art for your walls. Of course, you will need to throw (down) a couple of Molotov Cocktails before you can be chosen for this great honor.

Our walls have languished long enough. The time is NOW to adorn them with REAL art by REAL artists!

The Art REVOLUTION will be Diversified!


Michael Coppens
Co-Chair, Luck of the Draw X! Revolution!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Add Art To Your Life

Original artworks are the products of brilliant and focused minds and are powerful markers of time and space.

So… if you haven't started already, you're going to want to begin adding art to your life.

A good way to start collecting art is by spending about the same amount you would on a nice dinner. That way, you can always fall back on the fact that while the meal would be gone, the artwork is yours to keep and enjoy.

Once you've done this a few times, you'll discover your own reasons for continuing to acquire and collect art. Your motives will evolve and your tastes will be refined through experience and education while a personal story emerges based on the decisions you make.

You'll also see how the artwork you own becomes a part of your daily routine and adds to your life in unexpected ways. As you make your coffee in the morning, you will spend a minute or so with that painting, it's active brushwork complementing the caffeine. While you get dressed, that carefully constructed drawing will mimic the care with which you pair a shirt with your pants. As you check the time and grab your keys, that lovingly crafted work on paper will see you out the door to face the day's challenges.

Truth is that most commercial galleries don't offer too many original works of art for the price of a dinner, but wait… wait for it...

Come to the DiverseWorks' Luck of the Draw Auction! For around $100, you'll not only go home with an original artwork, but you'll be supporting Houston's vibrant art scene and also enjoy a great party. See you there!

Bryan Miller, Bryan Miller Gallery

Luck of the Draw X! Revolution! Host Committee

p.s. Art chance tickets are $100 until June 6. After that date, the price goes up to $125.

Above image is artwork by Tierney Malone. This piece will be part of the Luck of the Draw X! Revolution! Blind Auction.